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H2o Pure is the Official Sole Distributor
for Cristill Rock in Quebec

Biodegradible Water Bottles the Only Viable Option

Cristill Rock Pure Distilled Water

The process of distillation is the only method that produces the PUREST drinking water possible. NO OTHER WATER PURIFICATION METHOD IS AS EFFECTIVE. Our water is distilled water which means it's collected from boiling regular water to remove impurities and re-condensed into clean, healthy pure water! All waterborne contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, cysts and other pollutants have been left behind. The result is 100% pure distilled water that is clean, safe and great tasting! The way nature intended it to be. Distillation is effective because it removes the water from the contaminants rather than the contaminants from the water.

Planet Pure Re-Mineralized Pure Water

Ionic Plant Derived Minerals

This water is exceptionally purified by distillation, which uses the Cristill Rock distilled water as a base, and then re-mineralized with over 72 organic and assimilated trace minerals. These minerals are high in magnesium and are plant based. They are essential for your body's proper functionality in muscle development, digestion and immune system, among many other health benefits. This product far surpasses spring water in terms of absorption. The minerals found in spring water are not bio-available and cannot be readily absorbed or assimilated by your body. Our specific mineral contents are living minerals that are bio-available, highly absorbed and water soluble. This product contains a full spectrum of all the minerals in a balance natural to the body and is developed using solar technology to concentrate the minerals without the use of chemicals or dyes. The Only one of it’s kind!

Bio-degradable Bottles

A Revolutionary Alternative in today’s bottled water market.

The entire bottle is 100% Biodegradable along with the label, cap and comfortable carry handle. Earth-conscious consumers can choose to recycle their bottles or simply put into their garbage. The entire packaging will decompose with no harm or impact to the environment. -Completely BPA free, does not require a deposit and there is no chance of contamination as consumers get a new bottle each time. -The bottles fit on any water cooler, work with any water manual/electric pump system and also work with a Flojet system. The Biodegradable Bottle Products come in 11 litre formats.

The entire product has been approved by Health Canada!

H2o Pure is the Official Sole Distributor for Cristill Rock in Quebec