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About Us


At Vaporel H2o Pure, your independent local distilled water distributer, we produce and sell distilled water for, both, residential and commercial use. We all need clean, purified water for optimal hydration and health. Having been in business for over 25 years, Vaporel prides itself on our distillation expertise and experience. Owned and operated by conscious community minded people, we take great care in producing safe and clean drinking water, providing only the best services and products. We encourage you to visit us and indulge in safety and purity in every drop.

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The self serve dispensers are clean, easily operated and ready for use for fresh distilled water at your convenience! Your sixth refill is always free with self-service!

Commercial Delivery

To better fit your needs, we have a delivery service you can rely on. We transport, with great care, your safe and pure water. For more information, give us a call.

About Your Water

There are more than 75,000 chemical compounds used by industries and agriculture, with thousands more added each year, leaving many unregulated. In addition, 80% of these chemicals have never been tested for long-term chronic toxicity. It’s been estimated that 20 billion tons of chemicals, radioactive waste, and pollutants are introduced into the environment each year, and the belief is that most of these toxic chemicals eventually reach our water supply. In North America we have evaluated and set standards for only a small percentage of the hundreds of chemicals found in drinking water supplies.

Distillation is the Only Viable Option. Our drinking water of choice is distillation! Distillation is effective because...

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